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Launching ORIGINLIKE GREEN BIOTECH CO. LTD was inspired by the struggle against finding a creative social media marketing agency in the world. Many people are searching for the best social media marketing agency with customization features. And so many of them for their social media marketing outreach campaign. Based on this thinking in 2015, we have started our impression as a top social media marketing company. Not only social media marketing but also a major marketing strategist in all forms of advertising.

We can help you make the best marketing campaign with our social media marketing outreach. You can not find the best of us. Make a deal with our marketing plan. Do not worry about reliability. Because more than ten thousand clients are connected with us. And we have the largest 2 million expert digital user community that can make your marketing result organically. Don't bother our marketing capability. We are the leading marketing planner serving the people who are hungry to make their business grow. Stop your searching and make contact with us. Stay hassle-free with the best marketing safety and measurement in the online marketing industry.


In 2015 we have started our journey with a vast understanding of a marketing phenomenon from England. After the ongoing capacity on social media and marketing strategy, we started to make the step on Influencer marketing with our collaborator. It is a growing platform that increases day by day. Also, the demand for the optimization and influencer marketing strategy is developing. But How people can move to the right opportunity can cause the question. And for this, our formation is here for them.

After the big thinking and prospect, we have launched our statistics on the marketing community. We have successfully done more than a thousand projects that are well handled to us. Although we have started as the online marketing agency now we have presented the multi planner option for our clients.


We are the leading marketing agency in all aspects of forms. Our mission is not only to develop in the marketing field but also to protect the pride. The pride we make the value we gain. Our cause is based on the growing category where the authentic connection is related. Which means that we have the power of digging into the deep. Deep means the brand story and the motivation campaign that can help to make the result. Our best tool is your brand formation that we want to explore. And thus, we can move with the influencing strategy where the value of movements works. We always try to make the perfect match where the real touchpoint is spotted.

And we try our best to protect our clients and make their marketing authenticity with our influencing strategy. We can boost your growing business through our expert marketers. Our team of professionals in Influencer marketing and analytics knows the tactics well. They can grow your business naturally with the progression of influential people. Our best technique for the potential match is always invited to the digital marketing team that you want to meet. Because we care for the growth of our client's business. For this not only influencer marketing but also the marketing strategy we applied to it. The real outcome for the marketing and promotional activity happens for the best selection. We can make that. Because we have the powerhouse of tactic tools. From online marketing to optimization we can help you develop your business. The top-quality service with exact satisfaction can be delivered through proper promotion, media, and communication strategy. We can give you the best from all the aspects to stay strong in the marketing industry.


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)


Jocial Advertise Ltd.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Jocial Advertise Ltd on March 1, 2020. Mr. Jamie March, CEO & Director General (Administration) of Jocial Advertise Ltd and Dr. Michael Howard, Director General of Originlike Green Biotech Co. Ltd signed the Memorandum of Understanding for their respective organizations.

Our combined unique experiences blend together to offer you expertise in the social media field. Together we have over 12 years of combined experience to share with you.

Online marketing and advertising of your website or business need not be an expensive proposition. At ORIGINLIKE GREEN BIOTECH, we offer low-cost resources and tools to make your marketing program a success. Why pay more for what you can get for a low cost?

Now don't get us wrong, there are many great paid for marketing and advertising programs online that will help your business. But our theory has always been, build your advertising machine first. Then start directing that traffic to your business website. Once you have built confidence and are bringing in some profit, or at least a good potential for profit, you can start paying out some money to enhance your efforts. And for this influencer marketing can give you the best outcome. We have the top quality influencer management services that can easily market your business services. Also, you can reach the best audience that you care for.

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